Aloha Death is an electronic music collective based in Los Angeles. The group was formed by multi-instrumentalists and producers Van Corsa, Tyler F., and Chloe Li in the summer of 2016 while collaborating on soundtracks for a series of short surf film projects.

The trio then banded together to create original music and released their debut single “Sea of Fog” in January 2018. Their second single “Shibuya” dropped in February 2018 and a third track titled “Mysterious Game” will be released in April.

Aloha Death is working on its first full-length studio album for release in 2018 and will tour select events in North America, Europe, Japan and Australia throughout Summer-Fall.

Van Corsa – Guitars, Keyboards, Drum Machines, Synthesizers, Vocals

Tyler F. – Bass, Drum Machines, Drums, Percussion, Vocals

Chloe Li – Keyboards, Synthesizers, Vocals